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October 28, 2010 / Tara Gremillion

Outside of the Box

Along with much of the American public, I have felt a constant bombardment of advertisements in television, radio, magazines, newspaper…. the works. Since an early age, I have trained myself to believe that advertising is annoying, frustrating and purely a waste of time. The reason is because most of what I view as advertising is exactly those three words. I have seen the same type of advertisement for years and years, the type that screams through the television how great a product is and how you need to buy now now now! Then, there is the constant battle between competitors testing and proving why their product is in fact better and then watching for that rebuttal commercial a couple months later that proves the first accusation wrong. It is annoying and if a brand really wants to attract the consumer and keep their product top of the mind in the market, then they need to use a new strategy.

Some of the best advertisements out there, are the ones that aren’t seen as such. These advertisements are placed in a way that does not interrupt the audience and their media but draws attention and curiosity so the consumer actively chooses to look. With this strategy, the consumer no longer resents the brand for interrupting their program but draws a positive association for their creativity, out of the box thinking and strategic placement. When the consumer isn’t looking for media and entertainment, they get it through the advertisement and so the brand itself becomes fun, cool and fresh.

For most of these advertisements, they are presented in an outdoor medium that connects strongly with the product being sold. It leads to a purchase now, or go there now kind of message and in turn creates an impulse buyer leading to better results.

Here are some more examples:


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