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January 21, 2011 / Tara Gremillion

Groupon: It’s a Deal!

50$ worth of sushi and Japanese cuisine at Le Hana Japanese Grill for only 20$.

35$ for 70$ worth of salon or spa treatment at The Spa at 22 Changes.

$59 for $120 worth for a Holistic Rejuvenation facial at Jennifer’s Spa.

What do all of these have in common? They are all great deals from Groupon that I purchased for my family members (and one for myself) as Christmas presents this year. I am obsessed.

I finally had time during winter break to check out what the buzz of this social online coupon site was about and sign up. Right away, I was intrigued, interested and glowing with excitement of affordable deals.  A college student I am and no flowing income to come by, so when I finally found an online coupon book overflowing with restaurant deals, out of the box activities, fun date ideas, spa specials and a wide array of discounts on practically anything, I hate to say it, but I fell in love. Discounts of 50% off or more was outrageous to me and even more, the new ideas and new spots in town captured my interest.

While this is an advertising blog and Groupon is more of a public relations type move, I think it is very important for companies to consider the new promotional site; whether, contributing to a deal or just advertising on the site. It would be a smart move for any company to get involved with Groupon because of its growing popularity and innovative funk. Groupon is cool (at least to me) and it’s exciting to see what the new deal of the day is. I can’t wait for the moment everyday where I check my email for both Eugene and Portland’s deal of the day. It is never a necessity for me to buy any of these Groupons, but I definitely ponder its worth for a while and cave in over pure excitement of a new place or activity and a phenomenal deal.

Additionally, Living Social is another online coupon deal site that is worth checking out and rumor has it Google, in response to a decline on an offer to buy the Groupon site, is creating their own version of Groupon called Google Offers.


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