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October 24, 2010 / Tara Gremillion

A Childhood Story Hit

Most of the time I come to the realization that an advertisement is successful and effective when I am sitting in a room full of people, watching TV and a commercial comes on that completely changes the tone of the room from relaxed and quiet to hysterically laughing.  A wave of madness bursts through the television set and everyone begins mimicking this unexpected element of surprise. That’s what I call good advertising.

This is what happened when we saw the Geico commercial with the Pig.

Not only did this incident occur with this particular commercial, but me and my friends took it a step further and generated buzz about it online. We would be sitting in our living room with the moment kind of dull and someone would play it from youtube. Instantly, everyone would know what was going on even without the computer screen pointing it their direction. Even more, we would bring it to Facebook posting it on walls, status’, and comments. It became OUR joke. It’s hard really to pinpoint what exactly makes it so funny and good. Maybe it’s because the tone of Geico commercials always start out so mock serious and end up being pretty entertaining. Maybe it’s because they integrated a strong story from our childhood that resonates with us. Or maybe it’s because the pig’s “wee”ing is so squeaky and high pitch until he answers Mrs. A in low young man’s voice that clearly doesn’t match bringing an element of surprise.

Whatever it may be, it was a hit and I will always be the one amongst my friends who does the best Maxwell impression.

Great job Geico!               

October 19, 2010 / Tara Gremillion

To Resonate or Not.. That is the Question.

Every day, every hour, all the time, Americans are bombarded with advertisements. Some are very obvious. Some stick out like a sore thumb. Some get in the way and just annoy most everyone.

They arrive on your phone, interrupt your online search, distract you on your drive to and from work, and stir up frustration as you wait for your favorite T.V show to come back on.

However, not all advertising annoys. Actually, a lot of advertisements entertain, engage, encourage and educate. Some may even inspire creativity and change, enough to claim that some advertising could be in good-nature despite the selling proposition behind it.

And so my blog is born. As a student of today, only 21, I am aware of advertising that is effective with me, my friends and others my age. I study advertising, as well as public relations, so I am going a little further than just being immersed in the history of advertising and how to create a campaign by deciphering and recording which advertisements are effective with me and my friends and trying to understand the reasons why.

As the blog develops, I encourage others to comment on my ideas and examples and add advertisements that they feel resonates well with them.